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ComSpark - (kŏm spärk) noun. a two-part name developed in 1997 to aptly describe our website design and development company; meaning: 1) "Com": commercial websites, 2) "Spark": speeding over the Internet. Read more....

Ken & Bonnie
The Seasons Bed & Breakfast

ComSpark is a web design and development company that provides award-winning web services. We offer custom websites to many fields, including hospitality: bed & breakfast inns, hotels, and other lodging; fine dining, restaurants, wineries, and breweries; retail stores and boutiques; online stores; product and service companies; health and beauty, salons and stylists; artisan crafts and foods; vacation travel, touring, and rentals; real estate; financial and attorney services; non-profits; homeowner associations; and other businesses. Our clients have benefited from custom website design and development, database integration, graphic design, custom logos, business branding, photography, copywriting, high-speed web hosting, website maintenance, re-designs, remodels, and other web-related services.

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