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Celebrating our 20th year!

Welcome to ComSpark! If you're in the market for an effective business website, you've come to the right place.

We are the original ComSpark*, established in 1997 and serving business clients ever since. We specialize in custom website design and development and related services, such as graphic design, including logos; photography; site maintenance; and consulting for the extended business community.

Using high design standards and responsive customer support, we help our clients present their companies in the best possible light to consumers. We are with you every step of the way during the web development and graphic design process, and we can stay with you afterwards to keep your site fresh, updated, and well-maintained.

Bottom line for you? As with any business promotion, the goal is increased profits by turning viewers into customers and keeping your current customers. Your website is the epitome of advertising, so careful consideration is vital to ensure it does its job well. That's why we work together with you on presenting your company's best features in a clear, concise, uncluttered way. Your website and graphics will be designed to engage viewers and persuade them to choose you over your competition.

Meet Our Team

  • As Owner and Principal, Donna Reddin handles website design and development, graphic design, logos, photgraphy, copywriting, maintenance, consulting, and customer care.

  • As an IT programming expert, Derek Reddin develops custom web applications.

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Instead of using the usual ho-hum hype to describe our skills and experience, we let our proven track record and extensive web and graphic design portfolios speak for themselves. Take a look. Then confidently enlist ComSpark to help you reach your business goals.

When you're ready, we'll be happy to prepare a free no-obligation quote in writing for you. See how at Get a Free Quote or chat with us at our phone number above.

Best regards,

Donna Reddin


ComSpark - (kŏm spärk) noun. a two-part name developed in 1997 to aptly describe our website design and development company; meaning: 1) "Com": commercial websites, 2) "Spark": speeding over the Internet.

The name ComSpark was created in the early years of the World Wide Web and the .com (dot com) era. The top level domain .com stands for "commercial". It is the most widely used and recognized domain extention in the world—and the most coveted. So that's where we got "Com". The term "Spark" comes from the fascinating fact that websites can be sent around the world via the Internet at incredible speeds, like a spark being ignited and zooming to its destination. Even more important, it soon became evident that "Spark" also describes the rapid growth of your business that can be ignited by having a professional website by ComSpark. Thus was born our tagline "Ignite Success".

ComSpark is our name—with real meaning that fits our company, bringing real benefits to you!

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photo credit: Courtney Reddin

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