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Multimedia Marketing Tips
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When your website is completed, what then? It needs to be marketed, promoted, advertised—across a multimedia field. This is important because limiting website marketing to just one avenue of advertising, say, search engine registration, limits your website's exposure and your company's potential.

You may want to do a marketing analysis to see which methods are working best for you. Ask inquirers how they heard about your company or website. Make a note of each response, then analyze the survey to see where your advertising dollars are best spent.

We can help with your marketing campaign. Just ask!

Online Marketing

Search Engine Registration - Still free in some instances, but to get noticed online, paid registration and supplimental ads may be needed. Search engines differ, yet some use the same database, so there's research to do before paying upwards of $300 or more for a "top" listing.

Before your web address is submitted for search engine indexing, we make sure that your website is optimized for such. Behind-the-scenes coding for your website is formulated to include possible key words that a searcher might use to access the information found on your website.

We do not use unscrupulous coding that could reflect poorly on your company and possibly get your website excluded from the databases. We want you to succeed!

Social Media - Take advantage of the various social media online today, such as blogging, Twitter, FaceBook, and other venues where people connect. Keep your viewers (customers and potential customers) updated on new products or services that you offer, news (from local to international) related to your business, and articles of interest in your field of expertise. Always include your web address (URL) and a link to your website.

Reciprocal Links - This "I'll link to your website if you'll link to mine" method of advertising is beneficial to each party if the two businesses compliment, not compete with, each other. One example is a bed & breakfast inn and a nearby restaurant putting reciprocal links on their websites.

Not only is the direct link helpful, but some search engines judge the popularity of your website by how many other websites are linked to yours and will rank your website listing accordingly.

Local Listings - Seek out community websites in your area (and elsewhere, for that matter) to add your web address to their business listings. Often these basic listings are free. If you're a Chamber of Commerce member, you may qualify for a free listing on their website and link to your website. We routinely add our clients to local directories.

Printed Marketing

Printed Ads - Add your web address (www.yourcompany.com) to all printed materials pertaining to your business. These include newspaper ads, phone book ads, flyers, brochures, business cards, letterhead, menus, hand-outs, license plate, t-shirts, and other promotional items, whatever consumers might read. Doing so helps gives instant credibility to your company, and directs consumers to important, persuasive information about your business.

When you think of your company, think 'WEBSITE', and get your web address out there!

Press Release - Local and regional newspapers may be interested in publishing a story about your business, so be sure to send out a news release to them regarding your new website. How to write a press release here. (This link will take you to an off-site website that is not managed by ComSpark. Use at your own discretion.)

Networking - Joining one or more Chambers of Commerce and attending the mixers can be helpful to your marketing campaign. In addition to handing out your business cards in person, a networking table may be available where you can display your business cards and brochures, which have, of course, been printed, stamped, or labeled with your website address!

Business Banking Account - Why not add your web address to your checks?

Mini Ads - Your website speaks volumes about your company and can 'clinch the sale'. A simple line ad with your web address in local, regional, and national newspapers, magazines, and telephone books, especially ones that target your market, can get readers curious enough to visit your website. You're limited only by your imagination and pocketbook.

Other Marketing

TV and Radio Ads - Advertising on television and radio may not be as expensive as you think. If you decide to do a commercial, be sure your web address is clearly shown and clearly stated.

Media Interviews - If you have a television, radio, magazine, or newspaper interview coming up regarding your business, remember to mention your web address and ask the producers to show it.

Digital Media - Create a DVD or CD all about your company and give or send these discs out. You can even make your own disc labels. To save on postage, make mini discs that mail easily. Try to locate a potential customer database to get names and addresses. For instance, if you sell swimming pool supplies or do pool maintenance, check with your County offices to see if they have a listing of all homes and facilities in your area with a pool.

Questions on other ways to promote your business? Just e-mail us!

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