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The website development process is not as scary as it sounds! To help take the mystery out of getting your business online, this is what you can expect during our easy 10-step website development process:

You let us know that you're interested in a website by requesting a free, no-obligation quote. Just a few answers are needed at this point.

step 2 - DIALOG
An initial interview, by telephone or in person, is set up to discuss your business goals, specific website needs, ideas, and preferences. We're here to answer your questions, ask you some, offer guidance, and make notes as we discuss your proposed project. This is a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.

step 3 - QUOTE
A written quote is then prepared based on information gathered during the interview. It is emailed, faxed, or mailed to you for review and approval. Again, there is no cost or obligation on your part.

step 4 - DATA
Upon your approval of the estimate, we start gathering data. Pertinent information and graphics can be (1) picked up from you*, (2) dropped off at our office, (3) phoned in, (4) faxed, (5) mailed, or (6) e-mailed to us, whichever is convenient for you. If needed, we can do special research and arrange to take high-resolution photographs (up to 24 are included in the price of your website*).

At this point, a contract is drawn up by ComSpark for both of us to sign. This is a good business practice that protects both parties. A 50% deposit is payable; the balance is due at completion.

step 5 - DOMAIN NAME
While we're collecting data, we begin the domain name registration process so the website will come together smoothly in the least amount of time. (Your domain name is provided free.) If the name is to be transfered, it can be done up to 2 days before the website is complete. We also set up or prepare the server where your website will reside so it can be accessed on the Internet. A custom 'Website Under Construction' page can be installed there at no extra charge until your website is ready.

step 6 - DESIGN
Now we prepare the "framework", showing site architecture, navigation, and design possibilities. This draft is posted privately online and can be password protected, if you like. Sample page designs will be posted and interlinked so you can compare them easily.

When you have approved the final draft for design and layout, we proceed to develop your website with all the data, graphics, and special features you have indicated. At this point, we give attention to marketing strategies, both visible (reciprocol links, Facebook, and other social media) and hidden (behind-the-scenes search engine coding for your website). We notify you of modifications, encourage you to review the site often, and ask for your feedback to ensure your satisfaction with the final project.

step 8 - PROOF
We do a preliminary proof, which includes (1) checking each page for design consistency and layout, (2) proofreading text, and (3) ensuring that forms, links, and other interactive features work properly.

step 9 - PUBLISH
When your website has been completed to your satisfaction, we do a final proof for quality assurance and then "go live" by publishing it online under your domain name.

step 10 - MARKETING
Your website is now ready to be hand-submitted to the major search engines and directories for indexing in their databases. See Free Tipsffor "getting the word out" about your business and your website.

Are you ready to get started? Get a free, no-obligation quote! If you have any questions, just contact us.

*Some restrictions may apply.

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